Sisimiut - 21, 22 and 23 September 2018

About: Sisimiut

About Sisimiut

Sisimiut is the main town in Qeqqata Municipality. Sisimiut is 46 km north of the Arctic Circle, which makes it the closest town in Greenland to the Arctic Circle. For approximately 250 years, Sisimiut, or the “town at the foxholes”, has sat at the foot of Nasaasaaq mountain.

Today it is Greenland’s second largest town, but in 1756 the landscape around the Amerloq fjord was sparsely populated, and the local population was a limited group of European whalers and missionaries, as well as the descendants of the immigrant Inuit, who lived by hunting and fishing.

The first settlement was a whaling colony that lay at South Bay, approximately 30 kilometres north of today’s Sisimiut. However, the colony was moved to a more suitable location, a church was built, and a real town was founded, and since then Sisimiut has grown to 5500 inhabitants.

Sisimiut offers arctic landscapes, a guarantee of snow, dog sledding, world-class hiking, deep fjords, splendid trout rivers and ice-free shipping routes. And if you are into shopping and cultural experiences, Sisimiut has plenty of those to offer.

There are many different shops and convenience stores, there is a range of accommodation and there is a beautiful museum, a rich associational life, a number of prehistoric sites and cultural heritage tours, and guides can take you to working artist workshops, kayak demonstrations and sled dog shows.

Not only is Sisimiut Greenland’s second largest town, it is also a centre for business education and development of Arctic technologies. With a thriving port, an extensive sea fishing industry and growing tourism, Sisimiut is a modern urban society, based on local strengths and international character.

Sisimiut has transport links by sea and by air all year and it is only a short way to experiences and activities for everyone, whatever the season.